Step One

You Can Still Apply for the Greenwood Area ECAP!

Missed the Open House?  It’s not too late to apply for the FortisBC Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP) for low to medium-income residents.  As part of the Avalon New Energy Initiative, the ECAP application has been modified for easier approval in your community.  If you have a FortisBC electric or natural gas account, you are ready to apply. These special application forms in postage-paid envelopes are still available at the Greenwood Community Hall, Credit Union and Board of Trade.  Please contact us through this webpage if you have any questions.
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Step Two

In-Home Visit for Energy Assessment & Advice

This includes energy advice. For example:  how is energy currently being used in your home? Is there energy being lost? 
You may also receive FREE energy-saving products* installed by a qualified contractor, such as:
  • LED lightbulbs
  • Door weather-stripping
  • Water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Window film
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Outlet insulation
  • Clothesline or clothes drying rack
  • Water heater pipe wrap
Some homes may also receive FREE:
  • Programmable thermostat
  • High-efficiency natural gas furnace 
  • Energy Star certified fridge
  • Attic, wall and/or crawlspace insulation
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The Story Behind The Initiative

A Radiant New Dawn: The New Energy Initiative For Greenwood

Learn more about the story behind this collaboration and how Avalon Alliance and FortisBC are partnering to provide Greenwood residents with an exciting, FREE, new energy-saving initiative!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Energy Initiative?

It is an exciting community-wide energy conservation and efficiency initiative designed by the Avalon Alliance. While we are in your community, we will work with you to achieve a high standard of energy efficiency through various offers, programs, and incentives for many of Greenwood’s community sectors. The first of which is a full-service program by FortisBC called the Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP).

Why is FortisBC sponsoring this?

FortisBC is committed to helping customers save energy, reduce their energy bills, and learn more about easy practices they can implement in their day-to-day lives. For over 10 years, the ECAP program has assisted thousands of BC families to save energy and make their lives more comfortable. We are working hard to achieve our 30BY30 goal which aims to reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30 per cent by 2030.

What makes this initiative different and exciting?

Avalon Alliance is here for you. We are bringing our top talent to provide guidance through many different energy and cost-saving opportunities. At our Open House we will introduce and invite you to participate in ECAP. ECAP is easy to participate in, all you need to do to register is bring your FortisBC electricity or gas bill! The program provides an energy assessment of your home, coaching advice, energy conservation products and installation, all of which is completely FREE to you. The ECAP program is not a rebate program but, in some cases, can be combined with such offers!

Why Greenwood?

Avalon Alliance chose Greenwood because of its strong and connected community and its civic pride. Our initiative will help to improve its aging housing stock, protect the unique heritage and character, and respond to local challenges community members may have to entering conservation programs. It would be amazing to help the smallest city in Canada achieve some massive results! Adding more recognition alongside Greenwood’s title belt for Best Municipal Water in the World!

Who is eligible for ECAP?

All residents, in all housing types (rental homes and basements suites included) who have a FortisBC electric or gas account can apply at our Open House, through a simple “made for Greenwood” process. The ECAP program typically asks for income verification, however, Avalon Alliance has negotiated with FortisBC that this process be waived for residents of Greenwood. 

As ECAP is designed for income-qualified households, you will be asked to self-declare a range of income for your household. However, no further documentation will be requested and if you do find that your household income is above these thresholds, please talk to us, we can still help you to navigate or access additional offers and incentives.

How will I benefit?

Products installed will help you to save money on your utility bills. Energy efficiency measures often result in secondary benefits like water conservation, improved safety, added comfort and healthier indoor environments.

Can Tenants Apply?

Tenants can encourage their landlord to co-sign the application; a form for this purpose is inside the mailing envelope.

When Do I Get My Cost-Saving Products?

We encourage residents to sign up and mail in their application as soon as possible for priority consideration. Visits will be scheduled and start within a few weeks following the Open House, for those who attended the event.  Residents who missed the Open House may still submit their application to participate by mailing the Greenwood application directly to FortisBC ECAP via the postage-paid, addressed envelope provided.

What comes next?

As far as we see it, the grass is greenest here, in Greenwood. Avalon Alliance is already connecting with various community sectors to understand the opportunities and the challenges to make energy efficiency improvements. Our hope is that we can build a greener Greenwood together. Businesses interested in energy efficiency improvements can provide contact information through this webpage for acceptance into our upcoming (Spring-Summer 2023) commercial sector initiative. This next phase includes two Business Luncheon events at the Mama’s Pacific Grill to be scheduled in May-June 2023, sponsored by FortisBC.  All commercial building owners and business tenants can attend the luncheons. Please watch for updates on Avalon’s project webpage!

Project Partner

We are a BC-based organization that combines professional leadership with grassroots participation, building a sustainable and healthy future for communities. We create with our partners comprehensive green projects at different levels of scale, demonstrating a wide range of innovative solutions and best practices. Avalon New Energy is one of our eco-technology branches that promotes energy efficiency and conservation in all community sectors, while also working to advance sustainable design approaches, renewable and breakthrough energy, and integrated energy grid systems.
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Project Partner

This provincially-regulated power utility delivers reliable electricity, natural gas and renewable source gas to 1.2 million customers, including 135 BC towns and cities and 28 First Nation communities. It is committed to community engagement and evolving sustainable energy systems. FortisBC wants to help all customers, including those who are income qualified, access energy efficiency and conservation programs. One of the programs available to customers who are income qualified is the Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP). 
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A BIG THANK YOU to the many Greenwood Community Stakeholders who are helping promote this Initiative, including the Greenwood Board of Trade, the Ledge Paper and the Seniors Drop-CentreWe also appreciate the post-event assistance of the Greenwood Community Hall and Greenwood Credit Union in providing the customized ECAP application envelopes to local residents. Much gratitude also to the Mama’s Pacific Grill for their food catering, as well as the Copper Eagle, Saffron Guild and Deadwood Cafe who provided desserts for the recent Open House event.

Additional residential energy programs may be applied for separately, if desired, through CleanBC and Greener Homes online. Applicants must meet their eligibility requirements.

Contact us for more information